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Onça Preta translates style with originality and audacity. It has a unique and exquisite cut, providing comfort and pleasure to wear. Jeans that is surprising and irresistible in every collection, in every detail. Always innovating for those who love to be fashionable!


Onça Preta is Portuguese for Black Jaguar, a rare and unique kind of animal.
Legend has it that during the colonial period, in the lands where today is located Jaguaruna, Brazil, home of Onça Preta Denim, several Black Jaguar inhabited the region. But there was one in particular that was different, unique and rare. Onça Preta.
The Black Jaguar is the same well known Jaguar, however a mutation called melanism which is the opposite of albinism, causes the birth of an entirely black Jaguar.
The Indians who inhabited the region called this kind of jaguar “yawarauna”. In the Tupi Guarani dialect “Yawara” means “jaguar” and “Una” means Black. Onça Preta.
The Portuguese colonized the region and eventually transformed the indigenous name “yawarauna” in Jaguaruna.
Jaguaruna is the hometown and headquarters of Onça Preta denim.